Yahoo! Group - austinclay

GACA has a Yahoo! group for to make it easier for people in the Austin area to communicate with each other without having to ask our Fearless Leader to send out an email. The name of the group is "austinclay". ("GACA" was already taken by some nice Spanish person).

Any message posted to the group will go to all 100 or so members of the group (though we're just populating the austinclay membership now). Only members of the austinclay group can post messages, and membership is controlled to keep out the spam. The group is intended for all sorts of communications:

  • announcements of shows, events, sales
  • GACA meeting reminders/agendas
  • discussion of clay topics
  • for sale/wanted adverts

You don't have to be a member of GACA to be a member of the Yahoo! group, but why not join GACA if you're interested?

When you join the austinclay group you have a choice just to receive emails (just like being on a mailing list), or you can sign up for a Yahoo! ID and use the website features. The Yahoo! groups extra web features include:

  • Message management -- easily control the frequency of email messages you receive.
  • Membership management -- easily join or leave groups, all in one place.
  • More -- get access to message archives, photos, files, calendars, polls and more.
Click to join austinclay with a Yahoo! ID Click here to join austinclay


Subscribe to the austinclay mailing list

To post a message:

  • Go to
  • Click Sign In and enter your user name and password.
  • Under My Groups, click austinclay.
  • On the austinclay page, under Messages on the left-hand menu, click Post.
  • Enter a subject and content.
  • Click Post.

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Other Stuff

A couple more points on the way the Yahoo! group is set up at the moment:

  • Membership is moderated to cut down on spam abuses.
  • Message replies go to the sender only rather than going to the whole group. That's because we're expecting more announcements than discussions at the moment. We can change this if we want to.
  • The archives of all messages sent to austinclay are public. Anyone can use a web browser to see the messages here:

If you have questions about the Yahoo! group, please contact Jason Hooper.