Meetings 2021

Meetings 2020

  • January 8: Lisa Orr
  • Febuary 5: Mallory Blair Randle
  • March 4: Bob Trevorrow
  • June 3: Bonnie Brushwood
  • July 1: Katherine Taylor
  • August 5: Justin Perrault
  • September 2: Empty Bowls (An evening of throwing and handbuilding bowls)
  • October 14: Morghan Grey and Hector Kriete
  • November 11: GACA social zoom
  • December 2: Melanie Shaw

Meetings 2019

  • February 6: Rebecca Laura Lee Polk (sculpture)
  • March 6: Rick Van Dyke (Handbuilding) of Fireseed Clay Art Studios
  • April 3:Terri Gray (Ceramic Pillows)
  • May 9:Art of the Pot Presenter TBA (note this is a Thursday)
  • June 5: Daugherty Art Center Artists in Residence led by Sarah German including Traci Ward and Katy David
  • July 3: Diana Kersey
  • August 7: Amanda Robin Wood (Sculpture)
  • September 4: Empty Bowls (An evening of throwing and handbuilding bowls)
  • October 3: Scott Proctor (Thrown and altered) of East Side Pot Shop
  • November 6: Rob Sheldon and Tawni Bates of YoYo Pottery Discount Stickers & More (Throwing and surface decoration)

See Facebook where an event will be posted for each month's artist or activity.

Meetings 2018

  • November 7th: Guest Artist - Josh Edgar

  • October 3rd: Guest Artist - Xiaozhou "Frank" Zhu

    See Facebook Event for more details.

  • September 5th: Bowl-a-Thon for Austin Empty Bowl Project

    See Facebook Event for more details.

  • August 2nd: Guest Artist - Bridget Hauser

    See Facebook Event for more details.

  • July 11th: Guest Artist - Mary Fischer

  • June: Guest Artist - Kym Owens

    See Facebook Event for more details.

  • May: Guest Artist - Art of the Pot - Justin Donofrio

    See Facebook Event for more details.

  • April: Guest Artist - Graham Erisman

    See Facebook Event for more details.

  • March: Guest Artist - Susan Kennedy and Nico Weissenberger

    See Facebook Event for more details.

  • February: Guest Artist - Cody Clinton

    See Facebook Event for more details.

  • January 10th (Tue), 7-9pm: Guest Artist: Bob Swaffar

    See Facebook Event for more details.

Meetings 2017

  • November 7th (Tue), 7-9pm: Carol Schwartz

    See Facebook Event for more details.

  • October 3rd (Tue), 7-9pm: Omid Laridjani

    See Facebook Event for more details.

  • September 5th (Tue), 7-9pm: Bowl-a-Thon for Austin Empty Bowl Project

    See Facebook Event for more details.

  • August 7th (Mon), 7-9pm: Guest Artist: V. Chin

    See Facebook Event for more details.

  • July 11th (Tue), 7-9pm: Guest Artist: Renee LoPresti (CANCELLED)

    See Facebook Event for more details.

  • June 6th (Tue), 7-9pm: Guest Artist: Ed Triece

    See Facebook Event for more details.

  • May 11th (Thu), 7-9pm: Guest Artist: Doug Peltzman

    See Facebook Event for more details.

  • April 4th (Tue), 7-9pm: Guest Artist: James Tisdale

    See Facebook Event for more details.

  • March 7th (Tue), 7-9pm: Guest Artist: Shikha Joshi

    See Facebook Event for more details.

  • February 7th (Tue), 7-9pm: Guest Artist: Stan Irvin

    See Facebook Event for more details.

  • January 10th (Tue), 7-9pm: Guest Artist: Jamie Wade

    See Facebook Event for more details.

Meetings 2016

  • November 1st (Tue), 7-9pm: Guest Artist: Lisa Orr

    See Facebook Event for more details.

  • October 4th (Tue), 7-9pm: Guest Artist: Billy Ray Mangham

    See Facebook Event for more details.

  • September 20th (Tue), 7-9pm: GACA Bowl-a-Thon for Austin Empty Bowl Project

    See Facebook Event for more details.

  • September 6th (Tue), 7-9pm: Guest Artist: Carl Block

    See Facebook Event for more details.

  • August 2nd (Tue), 7-9pm: Guest Artist: Ryan McKerley

    See Facebook Event for more details.

  • July 5th (Tue), 7-9pm: Guest Artist: Todd Van Duren

    See Facebook Event for more details.

  • June 7th (Tue), 7-9pm: Guest Artist: Michael and Gaye Lynn Hodgson

    See Facebook Event for more details.

  • May 5th (Thu), 7-9pm: Guest Artist: Art of the Pot - Chandra DeBuse and Tommy Frank

    See Facebook Event for more details.

  • April 5th (Tue), 7-9pm: Guest Artist: Max Butler

    See Facebook Event for more details.

  • March 2nd (Wed), 7-9pm: Guest Artist: Pat Johnson

    See Facebook Event for more details.

  • February 2nd (Tue), 7-9pm: Guest Artist: Diana Seidel

    See Facebook Event for more details.

  • January 6th (Wed), 7-9pm: Guest Artist: Dee Buck

    See Facebook Event for more details.

Meetings 2015

  • November 3rd (Tues), 7-9pm: Guest Artist: Myra Douglas

    Myra will be presenting her experience as an intern at the Sugar Maple Art Center with Susan Beacher. At the center she assisted with other artists who did workshops. She also assisted in wood kiln firings of niborigama and a 65 foot agama wood kiln. Myra will also be demoing her flasks and pitcher handles. Facebook: Myra Douglass Curvin

    7pm - 9pm at St. Edwards University Clay lab. (Room 116 in the Art Building).

    We will meet at Curra's Grill (614 E. Oltorff) at 5:30 -5:45 pm for dinner. Please try to bring cash to settle the bill.

    All meetings are free and open to the public. Bring your interested artist friends.

  • October 6th (Tues), 7-9pm: Guest Artists: Kyle and Angie White

    We will have Kyle and Angie White demonstrate. Kyle and Angie are the owners of The Barn (formerly known as Buck Pottery) in Gruene TX. Web -

    7pm - 9pm at St. Edwards University Clay lab. (Room 116 in the Art Building).

    We will meet at Curra's Grill (614 E. Oltorff) at 5:30 -5:45 pm for dinner. Please try to bring cash to settle the bill.

    All meetings are free and open to the public. Bring your interested artist friends.

  • September 1st (Tues), 7-9pm: Guest Artist: Eric Jackson

    We will have Eric Jackson demo his talented skills of throwing clay. Eric is a teacher at Laguna Gloria and is also a studio potter who specializes in shino glazes.

    7pm - 9pm at St. Edwards University Clay lab. (Room 116 in the Art Building).

  • May 7th (Thurs), 7-9pm: Guest Artist: Jeff Campana

    Our guest artist this month is Jeff Campana. In this 1-2 hour session, Jeff will explain and demonstrate his unique decoration process. Leather hard pots are carefully dissected and reassembled based on a geometric system of plotting points that are then connected by use of an exacto knife. After the parts are all smoothed with a sponge, the pot is then carefully reassembled exactly as it was before. The result is a structural decoration, visible inside and out.

    Jeff will be a guest artist at the studio of Melissa Mencini for this year's Art of the Pot studio tour on May 9th and 10th.

    Web site:

    Thurs May 7th, 7pm - 9pm at St. Edwards University Clay lab. (Room 116 in the Art Building).

  • April 7th (Tues), 7-9pm: Guest Artist: Melissa Mencini

    Our guest artist this month is Melissa Mencini, who will be demonstrating some of her surface decoration techniques. Melissa uses a variety of methods, including silk screening, decals and mishima, to embellish her pottery with bright floral designs and imagery.

    Melissa's work was recently on show at the Print-Fired exhibition at the E4 gallery - . Melissa will also be a new host for the Art of the Pot studio tour in May - .

    Web site:

  • March 11th (Wed), 7-9pm: Guest Artist: Sara Parent-Ramos

    Our guest artist this month is our host at St. Edwards University - Sara Parent-Ramos. Sara is Visiting Professor of Art and Director of the Fine Arts Gallery at St. Eds. This presentation will give us an opportunity to find out more about Sara and her art.

    Web -

  • January 14th (Weds), 7-9pm: Guest Artist: Ross Grady High

    Our guest artist this month is Ross Grady High - if you've ever seen his playful astronaut sculptures you'll recognize his work immediately. Ross is a resident artist at the Eye of the Dog Art Center.

    You can find pictures of Ross' work here on Instagram: and on his Facebook page:

Meetings 2014

  • December - no meeting

  • November 12th (Weds), 7-9pm: Bowl-a-thon Glazing for Austin Empty Bowl Project Following on from October's bowl-a-thon for the Austin Empty Bowl Project, the bowls have been trimmed and bisqued. We'll finish off with a glazing session for the meeting - plenty of time to get fancy with the decoration.

  • November 12th (Weds), 7-9pm: Bowl-a-thon Glazing for Austin Empty Bowl Project

    Following on from October's bowl-a-thon for the Austin Empty Bowl Project, the bowls have been trimmed and bisqued. We'll finish off with a glazing session for the meeting - plenty of time to get fancy with the decoration.

  • October 8th (Weds), 7-9pm: Bowl-a-thon for Austin Empty Bowl Project

    We are doing a bowl-a-thon for the Austin Empty Bowl Project. High fire clay and other materials (such as molds and texturing materials) will be provided - thanks to Kris Asthalter. We'll be both throwing and handbuilding.

  • August 5th (Tues), 7-9pm: Guest Artist: Sarah German

    Sarah German will be our demonstrator.

    Sarah makes elegant thrown and altered porcelain functional pieces, with direct and indirect screen printed decoration - She is currently teaching at the Dougherty Art Center.
  • July 2nd (Weds), 7-9pm: Video - "Revolutions Of The Wheel"

    A showing of the video Revolutions Of The Wheel, The Emergence Of American Clay Art. The video has five parts, each 1/2 hour long, and we showed the first two parts in February. This time we'll move on to parts 3 and 4 - "Peter Voulkos & The Otis Group" and "Robert Arneson & The Davis Group". Details on the series are at

  • May 8th (Thurs), 7-9pm: Guest Artist: Renee Brown

    We are honored to have Renee Brown as our presenter and demonstrator.

    Renee Brown of Missoula, Montana is in town as an Art of the Pot guest (AotP is the weekend of May 9-11). Renee was an emerging artist at NCECA this year and has two bodies of original work. Her current work is stunningly gorgeous and based on gemstones-in-the-rough. Her utilitarian work is similarly glorious and utilizes sunset colors marbleized onto soft terracotta pottery forms. Check out pictures of her work on her website:

  • April 12th (Sat): Ceramixer at Laguna Gloria

    For April let's take advantage of the Ceramixer event to get together and meet other clay folks. It's a great location and a fun event, so head on up to Laguna Gloria. Saturday April 12th in the afternoon: Second Saturdays

  • March 4th (Tues), 7-9pm: Guest Artist: Don Brimberry

    Don Brimberry will be our demonstrator.

    Since 1977, Don Brimberry has made pottery in Austin, specializing in functional and decorative porcelain ceramics with a strong sense of color and contrast, using abstract design elements that create visual interest and texture.

  • February 18th - Video - "Revolutions Of The Wheel"

    A showing of the video Revolutions Of The Wheel, The Emergence Of American Clay Art. The video is in five parts, each 1/2 hour long, so we'll start with the first two parts - "The Tradition Of No Tradition" and "The Great Move West". Details on the series are at

  • January 14th - Steering Committee

Meetings 2013

  • December - no meeting

  • November 6th (Weds), 6-8pm: Guest Artist: Ty Johnson

    Ty Johnson will be our demonstrator.

    Ty moved to San Marcos, Texas in November of 2007 to help design and build the Eye Of The Dog Art Center. Ty is currently working in his newly completed studio making functional and funny yard art. While his work is technically complex it has a loose and playful appearance.

    "I love playing in the clay and the way clay feels and responds to the touch. Anything is possible! I have always been a builder of things and my ceramic art is another expression of that passion for the hand made object. "

    We will meet at Curra's Grill (614 E. Oltorff) at 5:30 -5:45 pm for a fun and yummy dinner with our guest. Please try to bring cash to settle the bill.

    All meetings are free and open to the public. Bring your interested artist friends. At St. Edwards University Clay lab. (Room 116 in the Art Building)

  • October 3rd (Thurs), 6-8pm: Guest Artist: Angelica Vasquez

    Angelica Vasquez from Santa Maria Atzompa, Oaxaca, presenting a Mexican folk pottery demo and artist talk.

    Opening Reception for Mexican Visions in Clay - The Sacred, Secular and Fantastical in Figurative Art.

    Thursday, October 3, at St. Edwards Fine Arts Gallery, 6:00pm.

    There will not be a pre-meeting dinner this time.

    Exhibition dates: October 4-18, 2013.
    Opening Reception: October 3, 6-8pm.
    There will also be a demo by the artist on Wednesday evening at 7pm in the clay lab, with a translator.

  • September 3rd (Tues), 7-9pm: Guest Artist: Mike Grafa

    Mike Grafa will be our demonstrator.

    Mike received his BFA degree from Texas Tech University with a concentration in painting. He got his MFA in ceramics from North Texas State University. After graduating, Mike taught ceramics at Tarrant County Jr. College and Texas Weslean College. He now lives with his wife Norma in Austin, Texas where he teaches at Austin Community College and works in his studio.

  • August 7th (Weds), 7-9pm: Guest Presenter: Beverly Howard

    Howard has been the chief technical support staff for Rebecca Roberts in the many years of her ceramics career. He will narrow his scope for this presentation to "Working with, Presenting and Distributing Digital Images."

  • July 2nd (Tues), 7-9pm: Guest Artist: Justin Perreault

    Justin Perreault will be our demonstrator.

    Perreault took home most of the prizes from the GACA show at the Dougherty Center last year. His sculptures are witty and well made.

  • June 5th (Weds), 7-9pm: Guest Artist: Kelly Hill

    Kelly Hill will give our presentation.

    Kelly has been working and teaching at Clayways. In addition to a demonstration of her work, she hints that an "Art Therapy Exercise" may be in the offering...

    This presentation arranged by Ellen Ward.

    We will meet at Curra's Grill (614 E. Oltorff) at 5:30 -5:45 pm for a fun and yummy dinner with our guest. Please try to bring cash to settle the bill.

    All meetings are free and open to the public. Bring your interested artist friends. At St. Edwards University Clay lab. (Room 116 in the Art Building)

  • May 7th (Tues), 7-9pm: Guest Artist: John Mendenhall

    John will discuss and show images of his visit to "The Porcelain House" museum in Tianjin, China.

    "The history of the museum has threads of the stories of porcelain, Ming and Qing -era pottery and the Jingdezhen kilns. I'll allude to these, but the museum was really inspired by an incident during the Cultural Revolution."

  • April 3rd (Weds): Guest Artist: Eric Tragus

    Eric Tragus will be our demonstrator. See his web site here

    Tragus is working with high heat wood firing.

    "I make a variety of functional wares and decorative art on a personal scale. The work is made through a combination of techniques, including throwing, extrusion, hand-building, and press molds."

  • March 5th (Tues): Guest Artist: Michael Merritt

    Michael Merritt will be our demonstrator. Merritt is the master of tri-pots and graffiti.

    "I have been working with clay connected with my love of thrown pottery both functional and sculptural. My current body of work is decorated with various forms of graffiti. My imagery was first just photographs of local and some San Francisco and New York taggers. More recently, though, I have been working collaboratively with mainly freight train graffiti artists."

  • February 6th (Weds): Guest Artist: Jason Hooper

    Jason Hooper will be our demonstrator.

    Hooper's work displays an elegant, mature blend of form and function. His inspiration comes from abstract and traditional forms, usually with simple lines and geometric influences. Rich glazes and overlapping glaze combinations add flow and depth to the surface and provide variation in color and texture.

    He creates pieces with a white stoneware body that is fired to cone 6 in oxidation and uses studio-mixed glazes to achieve a fine finish for both artistic and functional work.

  • January 8th (Tues): Guest Artist: Gery Henderson

Meetings 2012

  • November 7th (Weds): Show review and planning

  • October 3rd (Weds): Dougherty Arts Center show opening

  • September 12th (Weds): Empty Bowls glazing

    Glazing all the bowls from last months meeting.

  • August 9th (Thurs): Empty Bowls bowl-a-thon

    It's our Empty Bowls bowl-a-thon. We will make as many empty bowls as possible in our meeting time frame. Clay will be provided, along with a few slump molds, some underglazes and texturing tools.

  • July 10th (Tues): Guest Artist: Max Butler

    Max Butler received his BFA in ceramics from the University of North Texas in 1979. He has worked in several different potteries in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arizona before settling in Bastrop, TX, where he lives and works. Max has been in Bastrop since 1986. He lost his studio due to the Labor Day fires last year and is slowly rebuilding. He is hoping to be finished rebuilding by next month.

    Max will show us a few images of his work, followed by a production session. We will then see how Max decorates his pots with slips, underglazes. Clay, brushes, and underglazes will be provided so that GACA members can get some hands-on experience during the presentation. They can make (and take home to fire) their own sample.

  • June 13th (Weds): Sharing home made tools

    We will all learn from each other, sharing clay working secrets, favorite tools-homemade or store bought, techniques, or modifications that make your studio more efficient. Everyone participates! This is a show and tell, so bring your tool/clay/other supplies to demonstrate.

  • May 8th (Tues): Art on the Green at Laguna Gloria

    Art on the Green ( ) is a nine-hole miniature golf interactive installation on the grounds of Laguna Gloria. We can golf, get to know each other, interact with art, and enjoy the beautiful weather. Bring your kids! Bring your friends! The golf course is open late and fees are half price on "Twilight Tuesdays."

  • April 4th (Weds): Guest Artist: Carol Schwartz

    Carol will demonstrate how to produce orginal screen printed decals that can be applied to glass or glazed ceramic pieces. It's a pretty inexpensive and low tech process that can easily be set up at home. We'll go over supplies needed and the in's and out's of screen printing.
    Interested in making your own decal during the workshop? Bring your relatively simple and small (about two inches max) sketches/ideas and we'll go through the process together.

  • March 7th (Weds): Guest Artist: Tomas Schneider

    Tomas Schneider lives and works in Austin, TX. He currently teaches art and design at Texas State University and continues to work as a sculptor in the film industry in Texas and New York. He obtained his undergraduate degree in ceramics from Texas State University and went on to earn a Master's degree in ceramics from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. Tomas has worked in the art industry in a multitude of capacities, including monumental bronze casting, jewelry, fabrication, deisgn/prototyping, and mold making.

    Tomas will deliver a brief slide presentation about his work in graduate school as well as the film industry. He will then demonstrate various hand-building techniques in clay, as well as talk about some of the materials he uses in his mixed media sculptures.

    His website is

  • Feb 7th (Tues): Guest Artist: Susan Stegall

    About Susan's Demo

    Susan spends her studio time working with both glass and clay. She will demonstrate some of her ceramics and glass techniques, give a show and tell of various tools and molds, and tell us about considerations that artists need to make when combining glass with ceramics. We will also have a hands-on glass cutting demo.

  • Jan 4th (Weds): Guest Artist: Kelley Eggert


    Kelley Eggert's ceramic work involves extensive post-fire assembly and mixed media application. She will deliver a slide presentation about her current work and the building, glazing, and firing methods used to prepare for post-fire composition. The presentation will be followed by a "show and tell" of tools, materials, and various things to consider when using mixed media.

    About the Artist

    Kelley Eggert earned her master of fine arts with a concentration in ceramics from theUniversity of Florida, Gainesville. In addition to receiving the University of Florida Alumni Fellowship, she was awarded two Albert K. Murray grants. In 2012 she held a twelve month residency at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft in Houston where she currently resides. In addition to her studio practice, Kelley teaches at Lonestar College, Houston Community College, and Glassell School of Art.

Meetings 2011

  • Nov 2nd (Weds): Guests: Lisa Orr, Wanda Montemayor

    Our very own Austin clay wonder, Lisa Orr, will be sharing her latest endeavor into the field of film. She will present to us "Pottery of Mexico Volume 2, Trees of Life." The film premiered at the Mexican American Cultural Center last month. This is a link to a preview clip

    In addition to the viewing of the film, Wanda Monteymayor and Lisa will present to us about the completion of the fantastic mural at the Deep Eddy Pool that they worked so hard on. I went to the dedication event and Wanda and Lisa have so very much to be proud of. The mural is impressive and a lot of work with the community went into the making of it. We are privileged to have them talk with us about the project.

  • Oct 5th (Weds): Glazing Empty Bowls

  • Sept 7th (Weds): Creating Empty Bowls

  • Aug 2nd (Tues): Guest Artist: Rebecca Roberts


    What inspires us? Travel is a source of inspiration for me on several levels. On Tuesday August 2nd I will take you on a vicarious trip to India - a land of the handmade - showing some of the things that inspire me and maybe you too. I think of myself as a print maker who works three dimensionally so seeing the textures of architecture, age and nature are always exciting. [A brief texture demo will follow.] -Rebecca Roberts

    Artist Narrative

    Every day I am amazed to find that after over thirty years, clay continues to challenge me and teach me about itself, but more importantly about myself. My love of the handbuilding process continues to thrive. I make functional tableware and pieces that are more sculptural. The dance back and forth between the two types of work keeps my interest in both alive. Nature and my life's process are sources of ideas and inspiration.

    I will always love "the bowl" and my recent dialog with clay has led me to focus on it again, not as a strictly functional object, but as the concept of universal container and symbol of nurture. It's the process more than the resulting object that I love best. Marks of this process are always evident in my pieces so that in a way each piece tells the story of its creation. I have maintained a working studio in Austin for 21 years. My work is available in galleries, at art shows and from my studio.

  • July 6th (Weds): The Japanese Ritual of Tea Ceremonies

    ChaDo (the Way of Tea): Two potters & a tea teacher will demonstrate a simple Japanese tea ritual, show examples of tea utensils, discuss their creation, & encourage members to handle & explore how they're used.

    Linda Mosley, MFA, has taught ceramics over 40 yrs & at Clayways since 2008. She has exhibited, lectured, & published articles on ceramic art in major American periodicals. She was Editor for the NCECA Journal & is featured in Richard Zakin's Ceramics Mastering the Craft. Linda has been creating bowls & cool-water containers for chado among her many other pieces ( She was first introduced to chado by Shozo Sato at the University of Illinois about 1967 & studied tea with Minnie "Somi" Kubose Chicago 1983-84. She has studied with Sheila "Soshin" Fling since Nov. 2008 & received her first 3 licenses to study. She has served as both host & guest for several presentations.

    Angela Rogers's success as a ceramic artists can be seen in the well-loved piebirds she made for 10 years ( They were pictured in Four & Twenty Blackbirds & Pots in the Kitchen. She has her own studio where she is now hand building, throwing, & making glazes for both electric & gas firing. She has studied pottery with Linda Mosley at Clayways & glazes with Eric Jackson at Laguna Gloria. Angela has also been studying chado with Fling Sensei & helping with presentations. She has many talents including making tea bowls, lid/ladle rests, & vases for the tea ritual.

    Sheila Fling, PhD, is a clinical psychologist in private practice & retired Distinguished Professor from Texas State U. She has studied chado since 1992 in both Japan & the US. She has received 12 licenses, 3 teaching certificates, & the tea name Soshin. Sheila has published chado articles in professional journals & "done tea" on 6 continents. She teaches it & does presentations for museums, organizations, public & private events. She welcomes inquiries at or 512-847-2159.

  • June 7th (Tues): Movie night

    Instead of meeting in the clay lab, we will be meeting in Room 113 just down the hall. We will have a much-needed discussion about all things GACA and watch a movie about the fantastic and very influential potter, Val Cushing. For those who would like to meet and eat, please join me at Curra's Grill on East Oltorf for dinner around 5:30/5-45. It'll be nice to socialize over fresh salsa and margaritas. Everyone is welcome. Hope to see you there!

    Val Cushing was born in Rochester, New York on January 28th, 1931. He received his BFA in 1952 from the School of Art & Design in the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. After serving two years in the Army, during the Korean War, he returned to Alfred and received his MFA in 1956. His full-time teaching career began that year at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana. The following year, 1957, he returned to Alfred where he taught pottery and technical courses concerning clays, glazes and related subjects. He retired from Alfred in 1997, after forty-one years of teaching and was designated “Professor Emeritus”.

    He found his profession to be challenging, always stimulating, and one filled with memories of friendships and wonderful students. At various times, he has taught in England, Norway and Spain. He has taught summer programs at Alfred, Penland, Anderson Ranch, Peters Valley, Haystack and on the island of Maui where he taught for six weeks as the first artist-in-residence at the Hui Noeau. He has given over 250 lectures, workshops and demonstrations that have taken him all over the United States, to Canada, Ireland, England and Japan. His pottery has received many awards and honors, has been seen in well over 200 exhibitions, and in numerous one-person shows. He is represented in the collections of many public and private museums and galleries in the USA - including the Smithsonian, the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Cooper-Hewitt, and the Everson. He is also represented in Canada, England, Taiwan, Japan and Hawaii.

    He has received honors from Alfred University, from New York State and from NCECA for his role as a teacher. He is a Fellow of the American Craft Council and of NCECA (The National Council on Education in the Ceramic Arts) where he was a founding member and a past president. He has received an artist's grant from the National Endowment of the Arts; a Fulbright grant for teaching and research in Manchester, England, an artist-in-residence grant at the Archie Bray Foundation and at the University of Wolverhampton, England.

    He now works full-time in his studio in Alfred and continues to exhibit his work and to do occasional lectures and workshops. He considers himself very fortunate to have in his life such a loving and always supportive wife, four creative children and seven grandchildren. Because he is able to constantly pursue his passion for ceramics by making, teaching and writing, he can fulfill his own deeply felt creative needs, as well as experience the pleasure and satisfaction of helping others. He shares these feelings with the American painter, Arthur Dove who said, “I should like to enjoy life by choosing all its highest instances to give back in my means of expression all that it gives to me.”

  • May 5th (Thurs): GACA's May gathering will be at the Artsteam during First Thursday on Cinco de Mayo

    Do you know what MAY means? ART OF THE POT, that's what! As always, it will be the weekend of Mother's Day and as always, it will feature the works of some serious ceramic superstars. The website for details: There are many events happening in conjunction with AotP so make sure you check out the schedule. I'm so excited that the Artstream Trailer is coming back to Austin to participate in the event. The Artstream is a nomadic gallery featuring the works of several fantastic ceramic artists from far and wide.

    The Artstream will be set up at The Snack Bar (1224 S. Congress) for First Thursday on the 5th of May - Cinco de Mayo! Information about First Thursday:

    GACA's May gathering will be at the Artsteam during First Thursday on Cinco de Mayo.

    The event will be from 6-10pm and GACA members are invited to participate. The Artstream will have wheels set up for demos and would like GACA members to volunteer to demonstrate and interact with the public. They plan to have some contests, games and prizes and we will help them host the evening. You are welcome to join at any point and jump in and help out. Or just look at the art, shop and have some yummy food and drink while hanging out with the clay crew. There will also be demos by the amazing artists that travel with the trailer. This will be a fun event!

  • April 5th (Tues): (7 - 9pm) Guest Artist: John Vela

    Artist & Presentation

    John Vela is currently the production manager at Sunset Canyon Pottery. He teaches beginning to advanced throwing at ClayWays and at the Dougherty Arts Center. He graduated with a BFA from UT and is the Texas Clay Arts Association (TCAA) President and co-founder.

    We are very lucky to have John join us to share his presentation that was featured as part of the 2011 Clay Continuum. He will present about his unique ceramic journey with a focus on his more recent wood-firing experience.

  • March 2nd (Weds): (7 - 9pm) Special Meeting: GACA show planning

    We are going to meet on Wednesday, March 2nd to have a discussion and brain storming session about a GACA show. It's been over a year since our last group show and so we are due for another. Please join us to talk about time, place, etc.

    Let's skip the dinner at Curra's and bring some yummy treats to munch on as we talk. We will meet at 7pm in the clay lab at St. Edward's, as usual. Please join us. Bringing food is optional and don't be afraid that you will get roped into some job. Just come to participate! All members are welcome.

  • February 9th (Weds): (7 - 9pm) Guest Artist: Sheldon Nunez-Velardi

    GACA will be meeting during the SECOND week of February for a presentation from a special guest all the way from New Mexico! Sheldon Nunez-Velarde is a Jicarilla Apache clay artist from Dulce, in northern New Mexico. Among the many honors he has received is a very prestigious Southwestern Association of Indian Affairs (SWAIA) Fellowship in 2009. SWAIA is the organization that holds the Santa Fe Indian Market, probably the most notable show and sale of Native American art in the country. Shelden has been recognized as part of the "new garde" of Native American artists. The excerpt below is taken from a SWAIA publication:

    Flames are the key to Sheldon Nunez-Velardi's pottery. Flames that dance across the surfaces of his golden micaceous pots, his water jars, his serving bowls. "The direct contact with the flames," Nunez-Velarde who grew up in Dulce, on Northern New Mexico's Jicarilla Apache reservation. "That's what gives them the black spots." Having left New Mexico in 1992 to see the world (Russia, Brazil, New York), Nunez-Velardi returned home in 1998 to take care of his grandmother. That's when he discovered his artistic and cultural roots and took on the task of reviving the tribal art form. [Micaceous clay pots used for cooking and other utilitarian purposes.] "I always looked at my great-grandmother's pots and wanted to make them," says Nunez-Velardi, whose vessels utilize some of her design elements including ropes and zig-zags.

    Please visit his website:

  • January 5th (Weds): (7 - 9pm) Guest Artist: Diana Seidel

    The Artist: Diana Seidel

    My first eighteen years were spent in western Washington, with a wonderful family in a fabulous setting. I graduated from Duke University in 1970 with a BA in anthropology. Two years later I began studying pottery with Joanne Edelson in New York City. From September, 1975 through June, 1976, I apprenticed with Sally Silberberg in Plainfield, Massachusetts. I also took part in workshops with Karen Karnes, Bruno LaVerdiere and Byron Temple.

    My studio was in Garrison, New York, from 1976 until 1996. I worked full time as a potter, participating in twelve to fifteen craft shows each year, including Peters Valley, Lyndhurst, Columbus Avenue, Lincoln Center, WBAI, and the Green Meadow Ceramics Invitational. I also filled many special orders, both retail and wholesale. During those years, I worked alone in my studio surrounded by beautiful New York woods.

    In April 1996, my family and I moved to Austin, Texas. I rented studio space at ClayWays for twelve years and continue a close friendship and association with them, working in the gallery and teaching. I am also a partner at Cone 10 Studio, where we provide studio space and firing facilities for about twenty potters and sculptors.

    I am now working in a studio next to my house and I am lucky to be connected to the Central Texas clay community which is vibrant, active and generous.

    Even as my focus has expanded, I am seeking more definition and refinement in my work. Working with coils, the scale is larger, the pieces looser; with slabs—smaller and tighter. And always there is the wheel—the core of my work, the medium for most of my inspiration.

    The Presentation

    Who's the boss around here?--showing the clay who's boss. Diana will demonstrate and talk about some of the tips and tricks that have helped her get better control on the wheel. Do you have a favorite trick/tip that you would like to share?

Meetings 2010

  • November 3rd (Weds): (7 - 9pm) Guest Artist: Todd Van Duren

    Todd A. Van Duren has been pursuing an intertwined, yin yang path of art and science since childhood. Many seemingly disparate interests have taken hold over the years as the pendulum swings from analytical to creative thought. Oft times the paths cross, producing unexpected ideas that transform nature and technology into a new vision that is both familiar yet dreamlike, impractical yet plausible. It is at these intersections where Todd feels he is most successful, absorbing an endless stream of ideas around him and reinterpreting a new outcome.

    Todd has pursued his vision through many different materials over the years. Early explorations with building blocks forged a sense for visualizing 3D space. An interest in architecture soon followed and has become a frequent subject for him. In his clay work, architecture has taken on a fanciful and organic feel. Houses grow as if governed by the laws of nature. Buds sprout, crystals twin and multiply, fronds bend and twist with water and wind. Todd explores the notion, “What would architecture look like if it grew naturally?”. The forms then evolve and grow from this seed.

    Recently, Todd has begun a series of Art Tiles as a vehicle for exploring 2D imagery. Subject matter has been quite open, though a juxtaposition of science and nature has become a recurring theme. Other 3D work is also in progress.

    Todd plans to demonstrate his slab construction as well as show and discuss the colored slips he uses for his surface decoration.
  • October 6th (Weds): (7 - 9pm) Cone 10 Studios

    Cone 10 is a community studio where ceramic artists can rent space and use shared equipment. There are no classes held there, just artist spaces. Come see a working community studio specifically for ceramic artists! Carol Hirsh owns the studio with two other fabulous artists, Diana Seidel and Claire Fielden. They will be our hosts as we see the space and do some of our own clay work. We plan to assemble teapots from leather hard CONE 10 STONEWARE. Please bring parts to use and exchange to create a unique vessel. Bring leather hard teapot parts for one or more teapots including the foot, body, handle, lid, spout, handbuilt or thrown. You may also want to bring some basic tools for assembly. We will share and exchange parts to make our own creative collaborations. Remember, no low fire clays please.

  • September 7th (Tues): (7 - 9pm) Rachel Reyna

    Our featured guest artist this month is a local ceramic instructor and studio assistant at Clayways, Rachel Reyna.

    About the artist: Rachel Reyna

    I was born in South Texas, in what we call "The Valley". I am always surprised at how many people actually know where that is. It's about as far South as you can get in Texas near McAllen and Brownsville. I started my college career at the University of North Texas, but aafter changing my major three times, from flute performance, to math, to interior design, I finally decided to take a "break" from school. I made the 12 hour drive back home and had no idea what to do with myself. I audited a Ceramics class at the local university and never turned back. I had finally found what made me happy.

    I eventually returned back to U.N.T where I received my B.F.A. in Studio Art Ceramics. My work primarily consists of forms that incorporate different colored clays and slips. My work ranges from hand-built neriage vessels to slip cast pieces made with layered slips that are then carved through. I came to Austin shortly after graduating and had the fortunate pleasure of meeting Kit at Clayways. There, I am a studio assistant, kiln loader, and instructor for Short-Term-Wheel classes. I love the fact that I am surrounded by artists everyday. Everyone there is willing to share and discuss their techniques. Really having a great time getting to know everyone.

    Rachel plans to demonstrate both techniques mentioned above, the neriage hand built forms and the slip cast vessels.

  • August 3rd (Tues): (7 - 9pm) Melanie Schopper

    Artist & Presentation

    I am Melanie Schopper. Back in 1998 I received a Bachelor of Arts in Art from the University of Texas in Austin. I spent six years, before and during college, working as a baker for Texas French Bread. After school I welded for two years for a metal smith named Arthur Schoenig. In 2000 I began working at a prominent porcelain studio named Ginko Studios, an experience that changed my life. Sun Yong Chung is my greatest clay mentor. I worked as her assistant for her for seven years. During this time I developed my own line of cups and bowls called M. Schopper Ceramics.

    I have been making my ceramics from molds for eight years. I trained in an entirely different system of plaster molds at Ginko Studios. This exposure to clay production with molds helped me translate my clay workings into slip casting. My intro to slip casting came from a book on theatre prop making. I taught myself through trial and error, and have sustained my artwork mainly by showing and selling art at the East Austin Studio tour, and the Austin Farmer's Market.

    Currently I am the Artist-in-Residence at The Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems. Additionally I am a co-founder and coordinator of an all women's art group, called Handmade Austin Women. In the summertime, I weld for a blacksmith named Colin McIntyre. I've spent over 15 years in constant production. I consider my work in baking, welding and clay to be related disciplines. For nearly ten years I have worked and lived at my studio at "The Center". This summer I am experimenting with a new stoneware slip recipe mixed with Texas rainwater. For GACA I intend to share my personal insights in slip casting and mold making.

  • July 7th (Weds): (7 - 9pm) Tools, Tips, Tricks and Tales

    Back by popular demand
    Everyone gets to participate !
    Bring your favorite Tools, Tips, Tricks and Tales -
    Members will share and demonstrate their favorite store bought, homemade or found object tools. We will share some of our tried, true or new tips and tricks. Come and enjoy a relaxing evening with your fellow clay enthusiasts.

    No dinner plans, instead BYO snacks to share and a beverage for yourself. I will supply paper plates, plastic ware and napkins.
    I hope to see you there !
    Connie McCreary

  • June 2nd (Weds): (7 - 9pm) Guest Artists : Lisa Orr and Wanda Montemayor

    The monthly GACA meeting will be held once again at St. Ed's ceramic studio.

    Our presenters will be Lisa Orr and Wanda Montemayor. These 2 women won a city grant to install a mural at Deep Eddy Pool. From all reports, their proposal & presentation has "set the bar" for soliciting funds for art in public places. They will share with us their process & presentation. This will be followed by Lisa Orr's demonstration of her technique of terra sigillata.

  • May 6th (Thursday): (6pm) Art of the Pot : Pottery Confidential

    Our next meeting will be THURSDAY, MAY 6th at CITY HALL.

    May in Austin means enjoying some of the last of the lovely springtime weather, Mother's Day and... ART OF THE POT!!! Art of the Pot is my favorite annual clay event in Austin. It's Saturday and Sunday, May 8th & 9th and it is a MUST. See some of the best ceramic artists from around the country and a top notch selection of Austin superstars that participate and host the event in their studios. This year's artist list has me really excited. Be sure to check out for all the details.

    For our May meeting, we will attend the lecture series, "Pottery Confidential." It is an Art of the Pot event. The lecture will be held on Thursday, May 6th at Austin City Hall in the Legislative Chambers right inside the main entrance. Three visiting AOTP artists will be making presentations: Mark Shapiro, Joe Bova and Jane Shellenbarger. Doors open at 6:15 for the Reunion Cup Show Preview (featuring artists that have shown at AOTP previous years) and the Lecture will begin at 7pm. Tickets will be validated for the City Hall parking garage. Find a preview of Mark Shapiro's lecture at

    GACA will meet for dinner just down the street to the east at Jo's - 242 West 2nd Street, Austin, TX 78701 We plan to meet at 5:30/5:45 but you may want to try for a bit earlier if you plan to go to the Reunion Cup Show Preview at 6:15.

  • April 6th (Tues): (7 - 9pm) Clayworks Studio & Gallery

    The next meeting will be on April 6, from 7-9. We will be meeting at Clayworks Studio & Gallery at 1209 East 6th Street. Our hosts will be the owners, John & Chris Gray. The 5:30 dinner will be right next door to Clayworks at the Buenos Aires Cafe (1201 E. 6th).

  • March 3rd (Weds): (7 - 9pm) Glaze Workshop Results, Barbara Lugge, Karen Bolton

    We meet this Wednesday to look at and discuss our results from the workshop last month. We also have two local presenters that offer services for ceramic artists. Here's a bit more about them:

    Barbara Lugge will present her services of publishing art books and portfolios. Recent advances in pre-press and printing technologies have made it possible to produce a single book at a reasonable price. Publishing facilitators are providing free software and templates to prepare books for print. She will share what she knows about these companies and their services. She will also go over the services she offers for artists who want help with design, layout, image handling, and printer selection. She has been helping clients with their publishing needs for over 15 years and is a founder and publisher of Art Lover's Guide, an annual art guide covering central Texas.

    Karen Bolton offers professional documentation services for ceramic artists. It is so very important to properly document artwork, especially for submission to shows, for postcards or websites. A great image of your work can really let it shine, just as a bad image can take away from it. Karen photographs 3-D work with a consideration for a gradient background, shadows, hot spots and perspective. She will show examples of the standard of professional documentation and cover the details of the service she offers. She also is willing to share how to professionally document your own work if you would like to do it yourself.

    We will meet at Curra's Grill (614 E. Oltorff) at 5:30 -5:45 pm for dinner. If you would like to join us, please let me know to reserve a seat for you.

    All meetings are free and open to the public. Bring your interested artist friends. At St. Edwards University Clay lab. (Room 116 in the Art Building)

  • February 10th (Second Weds!): (6:30 - 9:30) Free Mayco Glaze Workshop

    This is the SECOND Wednesday in Feb. !! (There is no charge for this workshop for GACA members and St. Edward's students.)
    Our February meeting will be a hands-on Mayco products workshop. Under the guidance of the Mayco rep. Pauline Wyndham we will do two projects. (Pauline gave the Mayco workshops at Armadillo Clay Supply in Dec. and she is very knowledgeable and fun !)
    1. Glaze tests and special effects with Mayco Cone 5 stoneware glazes
    2. Glaze a tile project to try some layering techniques with the Stroke-n-Coat line that can be fired from Cone 06 to Cone 10.
    Participants will be required to bring a bisqued stoneware cylinder (9" tall maximum) to use as a test piece for the cone 5 glazes. (This is optional, you can still participate in the Stroke n Coat, layering part of the workshop with the materials GACA and Mayco provide.) GACA will provide every participant with a bisqued tile for the layering techniques project.
    We will fire all the workshop pieces at St. Edward's and then have them ready at the March meeting to share the results and to take home.

  • January 6th (Weds): (7 - 9) Pot Luck

    Bring a dish or dessert to share and GACA will supply drinks and service.

    Also "Share your favorite new technique or tool (something you discovered for yourself or learned from someone else)" Everyone gets to participate ! Bring your favorite Tool , Tip or Trick - Members will share and demonstrate their favorite store bought, homemade or found object tools. We will share some of our new or tried and true tips and tricks. (you can just look on and take notes if you're so inclined)

Meetings 2009

  • November 4th (Weds): (7 - 9) Guest Artist: Eric Jackson

    Our local potter extraordinaire Eric Jackson will be our presenting artist for the evening.

    Eric will talk about his process and demonstrate some tricks of the trade.

    Eric Jackson has a lot of experience with clay. He has been a working potter for about twenty years. He is involved in just about everything clay locally, teaching and showing his work, most recently at the Texas Clay Festival in Gruene.

  • October 6th (Tues): (7 - 9) Guest Artists: Teruko Nimura and Christina Weisner

    This month we’ve scheduled a presentation featuring two artists from the UT Austin ceramics graduate school. Teruko Nimura just graduated from the program and Christina Weisner is set to graduate this spring.

    Teruko Nimura is a local artist living and working in Austin, Texas. Originally from Sacramento, California, Teruko received her B.F.A. in sculpture from the San Francisco Art Institute. Teruko came to Austin with a scholarship to the University of Texas, Austin to earn her M.F.A in studio art and just recently graduated in 2009. While attending she received a fellowship to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago's summer program Oxbow School of Art in Michigan. She has exhibited in California, Mexico, Michigan, and Texas. Locally, her work was included in Red Hot Red Dot at Women and Their Work, 5" x 7" and New American Talent 23 at Arthouse. She works in several different media including fabric, paper, clay, and bronze, and conceptually deals largely with issues of the body, body image, gender, spirituality, mythology, and cultural representation. Starting in late October, Teruko will be teaching two figurative sculpture classes at the Dougherty Arts Center for adults.

    Christina Weisner is a sculptor currently based in Austin, TX. She will be receiving her MFA from the University of Texas at Austin this spring. She has shown work, including more figurative clay sculptures, in numerous galleries in Richmond, Virginia, having attended VCU’s undergraduate Sculpture and World Studies programs in Richmond. In Austin she has shown at the CRL and FAB galleries, both university-affiliated galleries. Her current work could be described as mixed media sculpture and strives to facilitate meditations on the nature of materials and their interactions with each other and their environments. An example illustrating this can be seen in a recent piece entitled, Tied Down. “Rather than removing clay from its bag and manipulating it, Weisner leaves the clay in its packaged, cube-like form. Thus she underscores the potentiality of the material in its inert state and liberates the material by not forcing it to evolve into a new form of representation.” Her call and response process, immediate and at times even purposely unrefined interventions, further serve her investigatory approach in unpacking qualities of the objects themselves in the hope to show a less static form of their existence.

  • September 1st (Tues): (7 - 9) Guest Artist: Marian "Bunnie" Haigh

    Our talented local porcelain hand builder, Marian “Bunnie” Haigh will be our presenting artist for the evening. Marian will demonstrate making press molds and also give a slide presentation of her work.

    Marian Haigh received her B.F.A. at Arkansas State University in 1973. She then studied functional pottery at Kansas State University for one year and was lured to the big city lights of Austin, Texas in 1974. She worked for many years with low fire clay and in 2000 switched to porcelain and stoneware. She fires her work in a wood kiln in Fredericksburg.

    Marian's ceramics can be found in private and corporate collections nationally and internationally.

  • August 3rd (Monday): (7 - 9) Atelier 3-D sculpture studio, 701 Tillery St

    We’re switching it up this month and going to the artist’s studio! Our hosts for the evening are Steve Dubov and Heather Tolleson. Everyone is invited to attend. Meetings featuring regional guest artists are free and open to the public.

    Steve and Heather will talk about unconventional uses of claybodies as a sculptural medium. We will get to see the studio where many locals work and learn the art of sculpture.

    Stephen Dubov is currently the artist in residence at Atelier 3-D. He received his BFA in sculpture at the Kansas City Art Institute, and his MFA at Stanford. He was tenured at Sonoma State University where he taught both drawing and sculpture. Over the last 40 years he has generated a large body of non-traditional steel, plastic, ceramic, glass and paper works which can be seen on his website. His work is in public and private collections across the country.

    Heather Tolleson is a painter, sculptor, and mixed-media installation artist living and working in Austin, Texas . She has been creating and showing works for the past ten years. A partner in Atelier 3-D, she continues to focus on pure formalism while utilizing materials classic to artists for centuries, reused and reinvented for the modern world. Heather is currently pursuing a degree in Art History and Philosophy from The University of Texas at Austin.

  • July 1st (Weds): (7 - 9) Guest Artist: Chris Campbell

    The talented wood firer, Chris Campbell will give a presentation of images and discuss his firing process and clay formulation. He’ll also bring some finished work to talk about.

    Chris Campbell received his BFA from UT Austin in 1995 and his MFA from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville in 2000. His work is utilitarian and fired primarily unglazed in a wood burning kiln near Lampasas, Texas. His work can be found in public and private collections throughout the country and at AKAR Gallery in Iowa City. From 2002 until the present Chris has been the lab tech for the ceramics department at UT Austin.

  • June 2nd (Tues): (7 - 9) Guest Artist: Karen Bolton

    New-to-Austin clay talent, Karen Bolton, plans to share a slide presentation about her wheel-thrown ceremonial vessels and how they led her work into a large-scale public art commission. Also, she will demonstrate some of her favorite techniques on the wheel for attaching and stacking sectional pieces.

    Karen Bolton:
    I recently received my M.F.A. from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. My M.F.A. thesis exhibition was on display at the Ellis Armory concurrent with NCECA 2008 in Pittsburgh, PA. Prior to graduate school, I was very fortunate to have studied ceramics at Northern Arizona University. It was there that I was greatly inspired by the landscape and huge, beautiful skies. This influenced my passion for clay and inspired me to always continue to work hard and keep my hands dirty.
    I currently reside in Austin, Texas where I teach ceramics at Austin Community College, Austin Museum of Art, and St. Andrew's Episcopal Upper School.

  • May 2-3, 9-10: GACA Memebers Show at E4 Gallery

    Gallery of all the show entries coming soon!

  • April 1st (Weds): (7 - 9) Guest Artists: Ishmael Soto and Julie Isaacson

    Ishmael and Julie are fabulously talented artists and work together in the ceramics department at Austin Community College. They take an annual adventure with students and other participants to Costa Rica for a study abroad and will be giving a presentation on their experience. The program sounds fascinating and there are still open spots on their upcoming trip this summer!

  • March 3rd (Tues): (7 - 9) Guest Artist: Lebeth Lammers

    Lebeth will do a presentation on a particular sculpture project she's been putting her heart and soul into for some time. She will discuss her process of making templates, working with paperclay, and doing thousands of glaze tests for a large installation project.

    Lebeth Lammers has been actively involved in the field of ceramics for over 30 years. She has studied and taught the art of clay and has participated in several art organizations. Her work has been featured in many gallery exhibitions and festivals.

  • Feb 4th (Weds): (7 - 9) Guest Artist: Ryan McKerley

    Ryan will demonstrate his process as well as give a presentation about the new kiln that he just finished building.

    Ryan McKerley has been a full-time studio potter since 1995. He makes contemporary functional stoneware and porcelain vessels. His tactile hard-carved surfaces are achieved using an exciting carving technique. He works in his super-cool eastside studio where he fires in a large soda kiln.

  • Jan 7th (Weds): (7 - 9) Guest Artist: James Tisdale

    This will be our first meeting for the New Year. We are lucky to have Mr. James Tisdale as our featured guest artist. Everyone is invited to attend. Meetings featuring regional guest artists are free and open to the public.

    An overview of James's work will be presented in a slide show. James will also bring in some examples of his work to share and discuss process and content.

    James Tisdale’s terracotta earthenware hand built sculptures are figurative and often influenced by issues surrounding his rural devout upbringing in Mississippi. Referencing a vast range of historical artwork, James has developed his own contemporary ceramic style and uses his creations as “an outward manifestation of [his] views toward the world around [him.]”

    Having a colorful and notable career in ceramics, James Tisdale is the Ceramic Program Coordinator for the Austin Museum of Art. He was selected as a main demonstrator at this past year’s NCECA in Pittsburgh, PA and is featured in multiple publications and public and private collections.

  • March: Lebeth Lammers
  • April: Julie Isaacson and Ishmael Soto
  • May: Jeff Forster. Annual member show.
  • June: Karen Bolton
  • July: Chris Campbell
  • August: Steve Dubov
  • September: Marian(Bunnie) Haigh
  • October: TBD
  • November: TBD
  • December: Busy holiday season - No meeting

Meetings 2008

  • Nov 5th (Weds): (7 - 9) Guest Artist: Pat Johnson

    This will be our last meeting for the year. Everyone is invited to attend and share their Happenings. In addition Pat Johnson will be our featured guest artist.

    We will meet at Curra's Grill on Oltorff at 5:30 -5:45 pm for dinner with our guest. If you would like to join us, please let me know to reserve a seat for you.

    A short overview of Pat's work will be presented in a slide show. Pat will also demonstrate her building methods; coil and slab building and discuss adding narrative, thematic and symbolic content to figurative works. A variety of surface techniques: underglaze, wax resist, underglaze pencil and acrylic paint on bisque will be presented.
    You will also have a chance to ask the artist - "what the hell are you thinking?"

    Artist Narrative

    Pat Johnson is known for her sometimes distrubing yet humorous figures that take cues from a grab bag of influences ranging from antiquity to popular culture. Her current work has been a dialog of personal disasters with the protagonists as the artist. A full-time artist for more than 30 years, she lives and works in Fayetteville, Texas. She received her BFA in ceramics from North Texas State University. Her work was included in the 1998 NCECA Conference Exhibition in Texas and the 2004 juried Craft Houston traveling exhibit organized by the Houston Center for Contemporary Crafts. She has been the First Place winner of the Winedale Crafts Exhibition and placed 2nd in the 15th Annual Ceramic National at the San Angelo Museum of Art. She has also won numerous awards from the Texas Clay Artist Association. Pat's work was recently included in the Lark Books, 500 Tiles: An Inspiring Collection of International Work.

  • Oct 7th (Tues): (7 - 9) Glaze/Treat Recipe Exchange
    October has presented itself to be a challenge in securing a guest speaker for our next meeting. So instead of stressing out, our next meeting will be a recipe exchange and social.

    What to bring:
    • A glazed piece
    • Recipe for above glazed piece written on an index card or piece of paper
    • A treat
    • Recipe for above treat

  • Sept 3rd (Weds): (7 - 9) Guest Artist: Diana Melancon
    Diana Melancon, retired teacher with the Eanes Independent School District, will demonstrate and conduct Practice Your Brushwork workshop. The workshop is free and attendees will have the opportunity to practice their brushworks.

    Workshop Description:
    Using watercolor and sumi brushes, we will practice one stroke brush techniques that can add interest to your on-glaze surface decoration. This is a hands-on workshop. Bring your favorite brushes and some newsprint. Be ready to have fun!

    Diana Melancon, received her doctoral degree in Arts Education from the University of New Mexico. Diana taught art with the Eanes Independent School District until 2006. Currently, Diana lives and works in Dripping Springs, Texas.
    A native of New Orleans, Diana brings to ther work a whimisical style of functionalal and decorative pottery. She is a former member of the Austin Laguna Gloria Potter's Guild.
    Diana's work may be seen and is available for purchase at Sunset Canyon Pottery in Dripping Springs, Texas.

  • Aug 5th (Tues): (7 - 9) Planning for "Sharing A Passion For Clay 2009"
    While our recent member's show, "Sharing a Passion for Clay 2008" is still semi-fresh on our minds, now would be a great opportunity to discuss the show for next year.

  • July 2 (Weds): (7 - 9) Guest Artist: Dennis Smith
    Dennis Smith, Chairman, Ceramic Department at Southwest School of Art & Craft in San Antonio will present a slide lecture "30 Years of Ceramic Sculpture."

    Dennis Smith has been Chairman of the Ceramic Department at the Southwest School of Art & Craft since 1976 and has taught as an adjunct faculty at Trinity University, San Antonio Art Institute and San Antonio College. He received his BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute in Kansas City, MO and his MFA from the University of Montana, Missoula, MT. His work has been published in Ceramics Monthly, "An Opportunity for Growth: Dennis Smith and the Southwest School of Art & Craft" (1998 May Issue); and Ceramics: Art and Perception, "Against Dichotomy: Dennis Smith's Conversations in Clay" (2005 Issue #59) and "Texas Clay" (1994 Issue #17). As well, Smith has also written articles for both Ceramics Monthly "Working for Others or for Yourself: It's a Choice" (2006 March Issue, Pgs. 35-39); "Bertie Smith: An Affair of the Heart" (2000 June - August Issue) and Clay Times, "Totem Poles: A Learning Tool for Collaborative Projects" (1999 Sept. Issue). His work has been shown extensively throughout the United States in invitational and juried exhibitions. Most recent exhibitions include Dennis Smith/Verne Funk, Goldsberry Gallery, Houston, TX; International Art Symposium Dialogue 2005, Riga, Latvia; State of Texas - Clay, University of Texas S.A.; Six Visions: Contemporary Ceramics, University of Texas, S.A.; and Earth & Fire: Contemporary Ceramic Sculpture, San Antonio Museum of Art. Other work by Dennis Smith may be seen and is available for purchase at Goldsberry Gallery, Houston, TX.

    If you would like to learn more about Dennis Smith, his work or the Southwest School of Art and Craft, go to or better yet, come to the meeting and meet him personally.

  • June 3 (Tues): (7 - 9) Guest Artist: Roger Allen
    San Angelo artist Roger Allen, owner of the Chicken Farm Art Center, will be doing a clay demo, and will talk about his experiences helping develop San Angelo's nationally known Ceramics Weekend.

  • May 8 (Thurs): (7 - 9) "Sharing A Passion For Clay 2008" opening reception
    Come and see the show, and vote for the Peoples Choice Award.

  • April 1 (Tues): (7 - 9) Bring your show piece & critique

  • March 5 (Weds): (7 - 9) Guest Artist: Michael Biechlin
    Local artist Michael Biechlin will be doing a porcelain clay demo. Michael will demonstrate throwing, trimming and textures.

  • February 5 (Tues): (7 - 9) Guest Artists: Lisa Orr and Troy Lanier
    Documentary film project about Pottery of Mexico: Patamban and San Jose de Gracia pottery. Produced last summer and now presented and narrated for GACA in person by Lisa Orr and film maker Troy Lanier.
    Pottery of Mexico DVD for sale soon.

  • January 2 (Weds): (7 - 9) Guest Artist: Cindy Haenel
    This meeting will be for us to talk about what's happening in 2008. I will bring my low-fire clay and doilies to do a demo for the group. Also, I'll have some finished pieces to show and talk about.

Meetings 2007

  • November 13 (Tuesday): (7 - 9) Guest Artist: Dee and Terry Buck
    Dee and Terry are the owners of Buck Pottery and one of the founders of the Texas Clay Festival in Historic Gruene TX. It was a fabulous event this year and every year. They have a working studio as well as a beautiful showroom. They wood and soda fire. Gain some insight into how they manage to do it all, this Tuesday night.

  • October 3 (Wednesday): (7 - 9) Guest Artist: Louis Katz
    Louis is a dynamic ceramic artist and educator. He teaches in Corpus Christi TX. at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi. After seeing his work in San Angelo and listening to his demo I was delighted when he said yes to comming to St. Edwards and GACA. I have included a link to his Web site and invite you to watch the video of the organ playing, did I mention he was a muscian and a Pyromaniac as well? It is must see video. Hope you will join us for a wonderful and informative evening. Enjoy the websites:

  • September 4 (Tuesday): (7 - 9) Billy Ray and Beverly Mangham
    Billy Ray ( and Beverly Mangham ( will be our guests of honor this month and have a lot of sage advise to share with us. They will be showing us a little about their current work and a lot more about their life together in the arts and specifically clay. If you know Billy and Beverly you know how giving they are, and what wells of knowledge they are in the clay arts and in the world of art.

  • August 1 (Wednesday): (7 - 9) Show Planning for 2008
    The August meeting will be dedicated to the organizing and planning for a members show in 2008 to coincide with the Art of the Pot weekend. We need the help of the entire membership to produce a show that is truly a window to the diversity in the Greater Austin Clay Artists community.
    The Art of the Pot weekend has become an event that draws potters, collectors and enthusiasts from around the country. The GACA membership has a lot to offer in talent and expertise and hopefully the energy to produce a memborable and noteworthy show.
    No matter how small or big a part in the production of the show we will need your ideas, input, energy and at least a little time. Come to the meeting and lets get started!

  • July 3 (Tuesday): (7 - 9) Eric Jackson
    Eric Jackson, Potter Extrordinare, teaches at Laguna Gloria and Sunset Canyon Pottery. He counts himself among the talented artists at the Texas Clay Festival and graduated from the clay program at the University of Texas under Don Herron. Eric is a functional Potter working in simple classic forms in a soda fired kiln. He has mastered shino glazes and being a stay at home Dad. Join us July 3rd to find out how he manages to do it all.

  • June 6 (Wednesday): (7 - 9) Stan Irvin and Jason Hooper
    This month we are following up on the Website and Marketing program wonderfully presented last month with Digitgal Photography presented by Stan Irvin, and working with your images to prepare them for website use and online show applications by Jason Hooper. This will be a very informative presentation useful to all.
    At St. Edwards University Clay lab. (Room 116 in the Art Building)

  • May 1 (Tuesday): (7 - 9) David and Kathy Sherby of Kat and Dog Studios
    David and Kathy Sherby are talented Graphic Artists, Web Designers and Marketing Specialists. They have an extensive client list that includes artists and businesses that are looking for a creative and effective approach to marketing themselves. Follow the above link to find out more about them. Kat and Dave will present their information and their take on the importance of marketing and Websites. Bring your questions and concerns to the meeting and get some help with chosing a direction. All meetings are free and open to the public, this Months topic should be of interest to all artists not just the Ceramic Community, pass the word and bring your interested friends!
    At St. Edwards University Clay lab. (Room 116 in the Art Building)

  • April 4 (Wednesday): (7 - 9) Featured Artist: Jennifer Quarles
    Jennifer has been a primary force behind TCAA for many years and an accomplished clay artist for even longer. Jennifer sent the following description of her presentation for the program:
    Recent Work - I will show a few images of my work
    Making Your Own Screens - I will talk about this process, the pros and cons of doing it your self and how to do it without buying a bunch of fancy equipment.
    Demo: Silk Screening on Clay - I will discuss some different options and show a couple of techniques. I will also have handouts that list resources and my process.
    Jennifer has a web site at: .
    At St. Edwards University Clay lab. (Room 116 in the Art Building)
  • March 6 (Tuesday): (7 - 9) Mike and Terry Hubbeling have a studio in south Austin and have worked together many years making colorful plates incorporating their love for the environment and nature. They will demonstrate their forming and glazing techniques and talk about their careers in clay. They have a very interesting story to share about their personal 15 minutes of fame. They have a short Bio and Photo at .
    At St. Edwards University Clay lab. (Room 116 in the Art Building)

  • February 7 (Wednesday): (7 - 9) Jon and Jan Brieger , studio potters from Blanco, TX, will inform and entertain us with wheel throwing and handbuilding demonstrations. They create beautiful soda fired stoneware pottery.

    Jon and Jan Brieger have been potters for over 20 years producing functional and decorative stoneware pottery for the home and garden. Jon does all of the throwing, Jan the hand building and they work together on the glazing and firing. All of the work is fired to 2400F in a 80 cu.ft.downdraft propane fueled kiln. Soda ash is introduced into the kiln at the end of the firing. This produces random flashing on the exterior of the pots which are mainly left unglazed. Most pots are made from a native Texas clay which is nicely responsive to this technique. The Brieger's live in Blanco County Texas in a stone home and studio which they built. Jon and Jan also have a retail shop on the courthouse square in Blanco, Texas.
    At St. Edwards University Clay lab. (Room 116 in the Art Building)

  • January 9: (7 - 9) Michael and Gaylyn Hodgson , studio potters from Wimberley, TX, will inform and entertain us with wheel throwing and handbuilding demonstrations. They create beautiful porcelain and stoneware pottery. Check out their website: At St. Edwards University Clay lab. (Room 116 in the Art Building)

    At the meeting we will briefly discuss the following:
    1. Alternating Tuesday and Wednesday meeting nights throughout the year.
    2. TCAA  Members' "Six Pack Show"  at  Armadillo Clay in May 2007.
    3. How to use our New (Austinclay) Yahoogroup communications for GACA Members.

    Meetings are free and open to the public.
    GACA annual membership dues are $20 for 2007. New and renewing Members can pay at the meeting. Check or cash only, please.

  • Ongoing: Austin Farmer's Market

Meetings 2006

  • July 11, 2006 : Bridget Hauser will demonstrate stacking freshly thrown wet cylinders into large pots and re-throwing them, and also the surface treatment of carving and chattering that she uses to enhance her decorative work

  • August 1, 2006 : (7 - 9) Tools , Tips and Tricks. Back by popular demand, Everyone gets to participate ! Bring your favorite Tools , Tips and Tricks  - Members will share and demonstrate their favorite store bought,  homemade  or found object tools. We will share some of our tried and true tips and tricks. St. Edwards University Clay lab (room 116 in the Art Building).

  • Sept 6, 2006 : (7 - 9) Special guest artist Sharon Smith. Sharon has been living, teaching and inspiring artists in Austin for many years.
    She has many skills to share and stories to amuse and energize her audience. See some examples of her work here and here.
    St. Edwards University
    Clay lab (room 116 in the Art Building).

  • Oct 3, 2006 : (7 - 9) Annie Creitzberg, former Texan now residing in Denver CO, visiting artist demonstration. Annie combines textured slabs with thrown forms to create functional sculpture. Check out her website: http://www.earthtoa
    There will be a workshop fee of $5 for members and $10 for non-members. Pay at the meeting, please.

  • Nov 11, 2006 : Our LAST (2006) get together will be at Sunset Canyon Pottery on Saturday, November 11 starting at 7 PM.
    ( We will NOT have a Tuesday night meeting at St. Edward's University in November or December.)

    Sunset Canyon Pottery invites you to a Potluck with Randy Brodnax and the Workshop participants around the “Glow Worm” (the wood fired fiber kiln). Bring chairs, a dish to share, beverages of your choice, musical instruments and a story to tell. You can’t have a wood fire with out telling stories. There are still openings for "Glow Worm" workshop participants.
    Call Bridget at Sunset Canyon Pottery for more information. 512-894-0938, or 1-800-846-6175

  • Sharon Brown is the Meeting Coordinator for the GACA 1st Tuesday / monthly meetings in 2006. She will welcome your ideas for meeting topics. email your ideas to:


    Oct 8th, 2006 : 9th Annual EMPTY BOWL PROJECT
    Benefiting Dripping Springs Helping Hands
    Sunday Oct. 8, 2006
    11:00 am - 3:00 pm
    Sunset Canyon Pottery
    4002 E. Hwy 290
    Dripping Springs TX 78620

  • Oct 18-29, 2006: The 14th Annual Texas Clay Festival
    Saturday- October 28 10am –6pm
    Sunday- October 29 10am – 5pm
    Historic Gruene, Texas (four miles north of New Braunfels)
    The festival is held on the grounds of Buck Pottery

  • Sept. 14-30th, 2006
    Just Been Fired
    Gallery Lombardi
    910 West Third St. Austin, TX 78703
    512- 491-1088
    tues-sat noon-6pm

    This is a ceramic show that features wall hangings, sculpture and function pottery. Come check it out, it's an annual tradition. Featured Artists: Ben Appl, Alejandra Almuelle, Kollin Baker, Gery Henderson, Edmund Martinez, Michael Merritt, Ryan McKerley, Eric Satrum, Sharon Smith, Todd Van Duren, Pam Whittington, Rick Van Dyke

  • Opening September 14th 6-7:30, second open house evening is September 28th, artist talk at 6:30.
    Gallery Shoal Creek
    2905 San Gabriel
    Suite 101
    Austin, TX  78705

    Organic Vessels, Bonnie Lynch
    Paintings & Collages, Laurie Frick

  • Sept. 4 to Oct. 14, 2006
    Chris Campbell: Recent Work (an exhibition of woodfired stoneware pottery)
    Southwestern University
    Art & Art History Department
    Georgetown, TX  78626
    Reception:  6:00-8:00 P.M., Thursday, September 14
    (everyone is welcome to attend the demo September 20, 3:30-6:00 P.M)

    Campbell received his BFA in Ceramics from UT at Austin in 1995 and his MFA in Ceramics from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville in 2000. His studio and wood burning anagama kiln are located in Lampasas, Texas. For a preview of his work, visit