ABIA Display 1

Taking Off
- Hands at Clay -

Greater Austin Clay Artists at ABIA 2004

A compilation of classic and eclectic ceramic works by the Greater Austin Clay Artists are on exhibit at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. Fanciful sculpture and pots, practical teapots and cups, all beautifully glazed in both washes and precise design are part of the display.

Hand built and wheel thrown clay, fired in gas, wood, raku and electric kilns are among the varied techniques demonstrated in this exhibit of both functional and sculptural ceramic works of art. The display includes 48 pieces by 34 artists and 4 photographers. Sizes of works range widely. Inch high miniature pots, “Made on a wheel with my pinkies and toothpicks,” explained artist Annette Trujillo, are contrasted by a 2 foot tall untitled work by Sharon Smith.

“It’s is a great opportunity (exhibiting in the airport). I thank the City of Austin for making it possible,” said Susan Page.

“When we installed this exhibit, people would stop and ask us about the pieces,” said Susan Page, whose displayed sculptures "Circus Dancer" and "World Dancer" have wind-up, moveable parts.

The exhibit is on display through June 14, 2004 in the pylon showcases located on the concourse between gates 7-12 and in concourse showcases between gates 14-15 . This is in the area of the airport past security checkpoints accessible to ticketed passengers only, currently an audience of approximately 17,000 passengers a day.

Greater Austin Clay Artists displaying their works in the exhibit include: Alejandra Almuelle, Anindita Bagchi, Suzanne Bullock, Katya Lalli Butera, Frank Campbell & Barbara Buell, Mary Fischer, Susie Fowler, Louis Greco, Shikah Gupta, Bridget Hauser, Gery Henderson, Tom Hicks, Carol Hirsh, Kathy Hoover, Joyce Joe, Eric Jackson, Cheri Kunert, Dana McGill, Connie McCreary, Diana Melancon, William Melstrom, Harold Miller, Lisa Orr, Susan M. Page, Roni Powalski, Holly Pritchard, Hil Ridlon, Christie Rodgers, Christian Shaddock, Sharon Smith, Annette Trujillo, Todd Van Duren, John Vela.

Photographers include: Bill Bruzy, Bridget Hauser, and Connie McCreary

-ABIA Art Coordinator, Matt Coldwell

Photos of the Display Cases, the Exhibit Posters, and the Exhibit Staging by Hil Ridlon.

Photos of the Display Cases

Photos of the Exhibit Posters

Photo of Exhibit Staging