GACA hosted three outstanding members of the art community as their guests for the May 4th Members meeting at St. Edward's Univ. in south Austin. They led a critique and discussion about the work the members brought to the meeting. The guests included;

  • Cap Brooks, currently the Ceramics teacher at Saint Stevens (an outstanding private school in Austin).
  • Arnie Popinsky, the original owner of Austinís Clarksville Gallery, and
  • A newcomer to Austin, Kevin Barry, currently the President of the Guadalupe Arts Center, (an artists studio and gallery space in downtown Austin).
The three gentlemen have a vast knowledge about contemporary ceramics and each expressed their individual perspectives as they examined the pieces presented for critique. They pointed out the work that they thought would be most successful in a gallery, as well as discussing each piece for its own merits. Arnie discussed the issue of how an artist determines the relative success of their own work. He made the point that an artist should seek out a trusting relationship with a gallery that will be supportive of their individual efforts. Kevin brought up the idea that the unique creativity of the artist is an element that determines their success in the gallery situation. Cap inspired the participants by expressing his appreciation for the technical skills they exhibited, from his perspective as a fellow craftsman. The discussion continued for about an hour and a half and the audience participating in the critique went away with many important ideas to consider as they persue their goals as ceramic artists.

- Connie McCreary / Photographs by: Bridget Hauser