Juan Granados at Work

Juan Granados Demonstration
Photo Imaging on Clay

On July 6, 2004, GACA hosted Juan Granados for a demonstration of photo imaging on clay. Juan Granados is an Assistant Professor of Ceramics at Texas Tech in Lubbock TX.

Juan Granados demonstrated the decorative technique of photo transfer as applied to ceramic surfaces. During the artist's slide show, he inspired the audience with his personal story and memories as he described the motivations for his own artistic expression. His application of photographs on hand built sculpture evokes an interesting sense of both timelessness and historical content.

Detail of facet

Juan also showed us an approach to faceting vessels on the potters' wheel. The pitch-in food was great and the crowd was pleased! To check out Juan Granados' work ....

Photos from the Photo Transfer Demonstration

GACA group detail xerox image
Juan Granados demonstrates a photo transfer technique for post firing decoration. After applying and drying 6-7 coats of acrylic medium, the color xerox image was soaked in water to soften the paper for removal.
The paper is rubbed from the back of the image. Finally, the image is arranged on the fired clay and 1-2 coats of acrylic medium are appllied. This simi-permanent image can be applied to glazed or unglazed surfaces.